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Ayres Britto Consultoria Jurídica e Advocacia began its activities in 2013, after the retirement of Professor Carlos Ayres Britto as Minister of the Federal Supreme Court. The experience of more than 50 years in professional and academic life continues in the service of law and justice, always based on the study and interpretation of the Federal Constitution.

Combining technical rigor and a humanist stance, the firm has solid operations in the country’s courts, especially in the Distrito Federal and, more recently, in the State of São Paulo. In addition to litigation, the firm also performs advisory activities, always focused on the perception of normative angles that are more in line with the legal principles of greater systemic-constitutional relevance.

Our mission

The central mission of Ayres Britto Consultoria Jurídica e Advocacia is to provide, with technical excellence, personalized legal services, in the defense of the interests and objectives of our clients. Operating in the area of strategic litigation (administrative, judicial and arbitration) and in the field of legal advice, the firm seeks to combine efficiency, security and the highest ethical standards in dealing with sensitive legal issues.




The Ayres Britto office believes in the transformative potential of Law and, more specifically, of the Federal Constitution. That is why it invests in the continuous improvement of its professionals in strategic areas for the development of the country. All so it can honor and permanently update the commitment made to excellence in service to our customers.


Our values

Humanism, Transparency, Loyalty, Ethical Commitment, Technical Excellence, Discretion, Professional Independence, Respect for the Constitution.

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